In order to prepare this Gran Reserva, the best tobacco leaves harvested 5 years ago in Cuba were selected. All the leaves making up the Habano (filler, binder and wrapper) have undergone a long and careful five-year of ageing process.  With this additional ageing process, the tobacco releases tannins which give the tobacco leaves a rounder, sweeter and more aromatic.
These were no less than 5 years of care, control of the evolution of the aging of these precious leaves that, finally, in the master hands of the experienced cigar rollers, take shape to create a unique Habano to satisfy the pleasure of the most demanding smokers.

Logo Gran Reserva

Every part of the process respects the criteria that one would demand of such a unique product. From the careful process of fermentation using the best tobacco from San Juan, Martinez and San Luis, to the exquisite blend selection process supervised by 50 testers, all elements are checked to combine so as to respect the unique character of each brand.

Gran Reserva is a small and numbered production, only 5.000 numbered cases containing 15 units each.