For the creation of Reserva, the best tobacco leaves from the area (D.O.P.) in the Pinar del Río* region (D.O.P.) of Cuba harvested 3 years ago are selected. All the leaves used in Reserva Habano, filler, wrapper, and cap, were aged in a long and careful process lasting at least 3 years. 

These were no less than 3 years of care, control of the evolution of the aging of these precious leaves that, finally, in the master hands of the experienced cigar rollers, take shape to create a unique Habano to satisfy the pleasure of the most demanding smokers.

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The entire process used in creating these Reserva respects the selection criteria expected of a unique product: from the long, careful process of aging the best tobacco from (D.O.P.) for at least 3 years to the tasting committee comprised of more than 50 experts who have supervised the blend selected to guarantee a unique flavor, harmonious, balanced, and aromatic.

The Reserva is a unique product with an extremely limited production run of only 5,000 numbered cases, each containing 20 units..

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